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Welcome to Hidden Hunmanby!

Welcome to our blog about Travel, the Yorkshire Coast and hidden gems we have discovered.

We are Charlotte and Jason, a couple from England on a mission to discover hidden gems and create memories with our son. We want to share some amazing places!

About Charlotte

Hello! I write the blog posts on Hidden Hunmany. I am happiest taking photos and discovering fantastic places here on the Yorkshire Coast and within the UK.

I have moved around quite a bit. I grew up in England, spent my early years living in the idyllic 100 acre wood. I remember sharing my childhood with my sisters and Winnie The Pooh. Our family relocated up north to York where I have spent the majority of my adult life. I now live in Hunmanby, located between the rolling Yorkshire Wolds and the east cost with Jason and our son. I love discovering new places and having many a unplanned adventures!

All aboard the North York Moors Railway – full 1940’s fancy dress

About Jason

I love cars, cars and more cars – restoring, driving and racing. Since moving to Hunmanby I have turned my hand at restoring our house. My dream is to run a holiday let here and restore more cars. You can never have too many cars and you can never have too many road trips!

Our Story

Meeting in York and soon realised we wanted to go and explore before settling down. Being restricted with the fear of flying we were determined to discover what the UK has to offer. We have planned and traveled Scotland, Wales, Northumberland, Yorkshire, Scilly Isles and continental ferry excursions. It was evident we had plenty to discover and found amazing hidden gems along the way. We saw the traditional and quirky sites, gasped at jaw dropping scenery in national parks and met some great people along the way. We sometimes decided which way we wanted to go the night before. Jason and I both loved the freedom and adventure of the unknown, the open road and discovering hidden gems.

We got engaged on an epic road trip around Scotland, married in the Scilly Isles and eventually relocated to Hunmanby near Filey in 2019 where we have painstakingly restored a 1930s house shortly after welcoming our amazing son.

I truly believe the UK has so much to offer and am passionate about photography so my love of the two goes into this blog and along the way enjoy having some fantastic experiences with my family.

This blog documents our adventures, mishaps, and fantastic experiences. We love the great outdoors, road trips and the Yorkshire Coast.

The name Hidden Hunmanby

Hunmanby is located on Yorkshires east cost. The rolling Yorkshire Wolds falls away to the sea. Amazing sunsets can be seen long into the horizon.

The name was chosen for a number of reasons. When starting a blog many articles advocate choosing a niche. Cheap travel, solo travel, couple travel, etc. The truth is that we couldn’t choose just one. Some of our articles are about road trips whereas others are about local events. When we relocated to Hunmanby we soon realised what a special place it is. Our dream is to one day convert our large garage into a quirky holiday let taking experience from all the places we have stayed in the UK. The blog is to share quirky places, hidden gems and bring you lovely people to this fantastic part of the world.

The Future

We are both currently work full time jobs and enjoy our son – we still have so many places to go and see, re-living our childhoods through him! One day I want to return to where I grew up and share the 100 acre woods. I am sure that we will both have many adventures in the future, especially when Jason has restored our beloved VW camper van. We plan to explore a little more of our own country: the UK. Expect blogs about walks and hikes in Yorkshire, fun city trips, discovering yummy foods, updates on our camper van restoration and maybe one day our dream of a holiday let! all on this little island in the north Atlantic.

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