Welcome to Hidden Hunmanby!

We love to hit the open road!

Thank you for stopping by and having a look at our blog. I thought it would be fitting that our first blog post should be about why we decided to make a travel blog in the first place!

Why I decided to start a travel blog

I love traveling and have been fairly obsessed with discovering new places since I can remember. I grew up in the 100 acre woods with Winnie The Pooh and was forever trying to find new secret paths and seek out view points no-one else knew about – magical!

As soon as I had a part-time job I spent my money on discovering local places with my friends. Luckily I met Jason who was equally as passionate as me to go explore great road trips traveling, quirky accommodation.

Here are four reasons why I decided to start a travel blog!

We have traveled some amazing road trips and stayed in amazing accommodation throughout the UK. During this time I have seem incredible places, all here in the UK. Met some fantastic people and had many adventures. This blog is to document and celebrate these stories.

I absolutely love photography and editing my pictures. I imagine an audience for my photos which allows me to strive to take better photos and edit them as professionally as possible. It is my hobby, it is what I love to do! I always welcome comments and feedback on my photos.

Being terrified of flying – and wanting to be as freindly to the planet as possible, I have spent many hours escaping to other places through travel blogs. I love how others capture this world we live in and share for all to be inspired.

When planning road trips, I have struggled to find information on places off the beaten track. Many may post a picture but not explain their journey on how to get there! I will strive to share links and directions to our hidden gems discovered. X marks the spot!

To conclude we simply really enjoy blogging and are quite proud of what we have created.

Hope you enjoy reading and discovering.

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